Saturday, February 14, 2009

Onto week 7

Time flies when you are having fun :) On Monday the Steer A Year calves and Purebred Cattle Management bulls were weighed. Two of our SAY calves topped 1,000 lbs! Their average daily gain and feed conversion ratio is amazing! We have one outlier who throws our data off, but when you take him out we are busting numbers with an ADG of 5-6 lbs per day! (A good average is 3). Tuesday night we had our meetings. Our department head gave a presenation on an interesting lecture he attended at the NCBA convention last month. We also had a presenation on marketing beef, since that is our next step in our feedlot situation. We are now calling donors to see if they would like to buy their calf back first, and then will move on to previous buyers. We are working with the 3 yearling Angus bulls. They are getting halter trained and we'll clean them up and photograph them and start to adverstise them. However, first we will be semen testing them and getting them freeze branded with the ranch's logo. We'll probbably do that sometime this week.

I fed Friday night and last night. I also feed tonight :)

The deadline for the dairy internship I applied for is here. That was the longest two weeks ever of my life. And the best part... more waiting! I figure two weeks tops depending on the number of applicants they had. I have also finished my Agricultral Ambassador application and will be turning that in tomorrow morning or Tuesday.

Tommorrow bright and early I am headed to eastern oregon for Holiday Ranch, a part of 44 Ankony. They are holding their 8th annual "Performance Plus Bull Sale" 125 Yearling bulls and a number of seasoned, proven bulls will be auctioned off. I decided this was worth missing a whole day's of class... I can afford it. I will have pictures and a complete story tomorrow night :)

Bunny litter pictures coming soon :)

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