Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Long week... Just two more!

Honestly, I cannot believe that this term is almost over. It seems like the weeks go by and I'm still standing here wondering where did the time go! At any rate, I am still waiting to hear back on the internship. It was a pretty big position to fill so I'll give it a little more time...
I interviewed for Ambassadors on Tuesday morning. It was a group interview at 7 am (which is ridculous... but it weeded some kids out... ha ha!) My indvidual interview was Thursday evening. It went well I suppose. I'm a competitve person, and even though I'm just a first year, I want this position, and I think I'm very qualified for it!
I registered for spring term classes Wednesday evening. I am on taking three Bacc Core courses and two Animal Science courses, (plus Steer a Year/Purebred Cattle Management) and heaven forbid I do Ambassadors too. I am overloaded on credits. [I am only taking 12-13 credits this fall so I can go to National Convention and have a job...]
I had a 4-H meeting on Friday night because we had a Small Animal show today :) I had a long night and arrived a little late but they were just starting intermediates when I got there. All of my kids got blues, one got a call back and we had three Champions in breed class. One of my 4-H members came home with a blue dutch out of the silent auction. I hung out with a lot of people... its amazing when you've been in 4-H how many people you can talk to and how the time flies. I am going to relax this evening and get to bed early... I'm pretty exhausted!
Next week is dead week... I only have one test, one of my labs was cancelled so it's a low key week before Finals. I don't get to go home until Friday late morning :( Talk about bummer. In the mean time I'll share some pics from today's show.
Part of Champion Breeds for Best in Show. The Satin was reserve and the Holland was best.
Marika and sister holding a cute Polish
Lindsey playing with her new Dutch
Samantha holding Lindsey's new buck
Richard in Senior Showmanship
Samantha in Novice Junior Showmanship
Lindsey in Intermediate Showmanship

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