Monday, March 30, 2009

Back to School !

I arrived back to Corvallis yesterday afternoon. It was nice to have a break, but I am excited for the next 10 weeks... I have lots going on!

I sent out my finished registrations this morning... and I also sent out my Pear Blossom entry!
I entered 5.... a SJB "Mason" (who is out of Ex. Getaway and Keepsake) and a BJB "Titan" (who is out of Maid Dignified and Stitch). I really like both of these boys... I especially see Titan being the next herdsire in the barn. I also entered three BSD's; Ellie Mae, Mia and Hades. I couldn't decide which one to show, so I figured why not show all three! I am judging a youth show Friday night and I am also the registrar for Saturday, so I will mix that with showing and clerking and managing to catch up with breeder friends. I will probably bring a few for sale animals as well, I can't hang onto all of them for long.

I have started to read up on Mini Lop Nationals information after my classes this morning. The weekend actually works out pretty nice, I'll only miss two Chemistry lectures and an Ethics reading, but I am not at all worried. I have a tenative show list, however I won't decide anything until later this week for sure or not.

Wednesday night I have a 4-H meeting... so I have to plan something for the kiddos. I don't think we have a 4-H show coming up soon, so I think it will be dedicated to a knowledge night. It will be a nice relaxation night, as Thursday afternoon I am leaving for a *long* roadtrip with one of my ANS classes, about 20 of us going. Vistiting about 6 feedlots or breeders in a matter of 3 days, covering a lot of distance... should be fun I suppose.

Don't have much else so I am posting pictures of some of my keepers.

LHHR's Titan
LHHR's Taylor
LHHR's Dominic
LHHR's Last Minute
LHHR's Mia

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