Monday, September 19, 2011


Life is getting back to normal. I think going to work Sunday night really "snapped" that into me, as all of the new students were moving in on campus. It was a long night; our boss even had to help us out! LOTS of new students, as usual.

Work is going great! I got my schedule fixed finally so now I'm the happiest kid on the block. I have tomorrow off, to spend with the roomates. And then I work all day Wednesday, and head home on Thursday. I have a lot to get done at home, such as cleaning the barn and getting every single convention rabbit ready! This means cleaning ears, giving tattoos, cleaning vents, grooming, trimming nails & marking cages. At this point I don't know if either I or my mom will be dropping off the rabbits, but either way it needs to be clearly marked!

So that's Thursday & Friday ... Saturday I will be at a rabbit show :) I haven't attended the RVRF show (my HOME show) in 3 years because of college, but this year -- I'ma going. :) I entered Hank Williams, Hades' Houdini (just for comments, they are young!) and Bacardi. I'm just going to the show to hang out & chill!

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