Sunday, October 23, 2011


I can't believe it's been over a month since I last blogged!
Simple answer, I've just been crazy busy!

RVRF show on 9/24. Nicole came down & she kicked butt. I gave her back Lincoln and she went home with Sergio and Kaylee. I received Nell, haven't decided who I will breed her to yet, but time will tell.
Bacardi won Best of Breed for his 3rd & granding leg! My first GC marten!
Also at that show, I came home with my Silver Marten Satin doe, CC.

Kennewick was on 10/15. The only bright things at the show were Sara & her family, Lisa & Diane to talk to. Talk about being glared at all around the show room, what a creepy feeling. Certainly other breeders must get lives! I met up with Maryann Preston and picked up my Martens. 4 does, 2 bucks. There are 4 GC's and the other 2 are registered. Very nice animals. I took them home on Thursday.

Dropped off my convention rabbits on Saturday morning; all 12 of them.

I will get back to breeding hopefully next week. Since their are a lack of shows soon, I will have to get these does into production! With feed now costing $19.50 a bag... there will certainly be some changes involved. Raising a meat breed is so much more promising than a fancy breed with prices this high.

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