Friday, September 9, 2011

Change is good

Finally looking forward to the future with my head up. School should start well & work is going good!

I decided to sell an additional 8 rabbits, which will leave me with a handful of Mini Lops. The number is undetermined at this time, but it will be under 10, most definately.

Why the switch up? To sell off nearly the whole ML herd? Well it started with selling big for convention. And once you start selling you get in this 'mode -- of anything can go'.

It could be that a fellow SM breeder was selling out... and I decided to buy up her herd. This was a very quick decsion, but its the best one I've made in a long time. 15+ rabbits will leave in October, and I'll be filling 8 of those holes.

I am VERY excited & looking forward to my Silver Marten future. It will be sad to lose such a great breeder, but I would only want her wonderful herd to go to someone who needs/deserves these awesome animals --- which is me! :)


Double Dutch said...

Whose selling out of Martens?

LHHR said...

Maryann ... :(

Double Dutch said...

I was wondering if it was her, since she has had the same problems we did, and was close to selling out last Spring :(