Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rylee's 3rd litter is here :)

Rylee blessed us with 6 kits on April 25th. There are 4 Brokens & 2 Solids, they are likely all chestnuts -- but they will carry dilute & chocolate! Ry is doing a GREAT job with them & being the great mom that she always has been. Just a little over a year ago she won back to back Best in Shows, completing her showing in July - so her short motherhood so far has been devoted to breeding to ONLY the best bucks. This litter she was bred to Jones's Zeus, a GC with 4 legs I picked up from Becky (Jones) Gandy last fall. Zeus was sold earlier this year because I couldn't get him to breed a single doe, but when the breeders sold out of Mini Lops he returned a "buck" and got him bred to 3 does this spring. (Plus 2 others for other barns).

We're pretty excited -- I am not sure what my plans are for the 6 kits... I certainly can't keep all of them so they will likely them through the summer and then start selling them. If you are interested in this litter, send me an e-mail message.

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Lana Mellentine said...

The above photo is property of Becky (Jones) Gandy @ Oasis Rabbitry. I do have photos of Zeus but they do not do him justice. For recent photos visit my website.