Sunday, May 1, 2011

Last Free Weekend

This weekend is my last "free" weekend in a while. Granted I still have to study and do my barn duties, but I am home.

  • 5/7 - Southern Oregon Junior Classic
  • 5/14 - LBCC/OSU Classic
  • 5/21 - Canby - Crazy 8 RBA
  • 5/28 - Portland? / Memorial Day weekend with the family
  • 6/4 - Finals weekend
  • 6/10-12 - OLCRB Convention
  • 6/18 - Moving
  • 6/19-22 - AQ in Montana
  • 6/24-26 - WSRBA Convention

So I pretty much don't get home until June. No complaints, it will be a fun-filled 2 months :)

I go home next weekend. I need to bring a couple Mini Lops home (one is bred, one is done showing), and bring a Marten doe home to compare her to my other litters. I can only come back with 3, so that means one of the juniors is staying home. I'll also look at a few juniors to see the likelihood of them competing at the state shows.

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