Monday, May 23, 2011

OR State here we come!

Canby was a great time! Nicole came down to show her Lops & Dutch, and I had 4 Silver Martens to show. Nicole won a double BOB with Remus (a Stitch grandson), and I did okay with my Martens. I didn't win breed, but I did win BOSB with Pendleton both shows, and Bacardi beat out Badger for BOV both shows. Bacardi got a LOT of great comments so he just needs to mature more. My does are also noted as structurally correct, just need fur & flesh. So we will be working on that. Well run show, I was surprised by the size and organization. Great judges this year! And never a dull moment.

Next show is OR State Convention. I highly doubt I have any Mini Lops to show, I will look this weekend but it doesn't sound promising. So I will likely show 4 or 5 Martens depending on what they look like by entry deadline. I am registering one of the days, and will just be hanging out the majority of the time. I live about 15 miles from the show, so it's an easy weekend for me!

Tomato is due today/tomorrow. I'm not sure if she took because I never palpated her, and even if she did she hasnt started nesting yet. I will try to breed a few more does when I go home this weekend.

Website is updated. I also emailed webmasters of the state, district and ARBA to get my info updated. I will likely also post a Facebook album from this weekend. So just look for updates.

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