Thursday, February 25, 2010

The work does not end!

This morning, I woke up at 3am, to be to work by 3:50. At 3:57 an ewe had been in labor and and dropped her twin lambs (pictured above!!) Both are cute little wethers, and are oh so cute! This was my first actual solo lambing; I have missed quite a few give birth or had others alongside me.

The bigger boy, was up and nursing within minutes, but the second lamb was a slow starter. Mom was slow to clean her, but finally she got licked dry and stumbled around for a bit, but I held him up to nurse, got some IG's in him and he was good to go! Just an hour before I arrived, an ewe delivered triplets as well! One of our show lambs had a single and all 12 jugs were full of lambs, singles, twins & triplets! We have a handful (aka "several") ewes still to lamb.

At 7:45 I hurried to class. I park at the beef barn (a mile from my class) but was able to make it to class on-time. A 2 hour lab, an hour to study, and a midterm at 11. But, I am done with studying and exams for a week! (kind of!)

Tomorrow we begin the AQ contest. It starts at 5:30pm tomorrow and we are doing the written exam and group presentation part.
On Saturday is fully the Lab Practical and the Quiz-bowl, which should last from like 8am-6pm. We get fed dinner tomorrow and lunch on Saturday so not half bad right? Plus if we win here, we go to regionals in Utah!

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