Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My non-rabbit related rant +


I've had my share since coming to college. The good and the bad.

Last year, I was supposed to move in with someone from Texas. She was a very nice gal, but her hometown, Houston, got wiped out by that Hurricane -- so she went home, like two days before school started. I moved in with friend since I've known since kindergarten. It wasn't a bad roomate situation, but she took the "being away from home" very hard and wasn't very sociable. So I moved in with a girl who I had met at the beginning of the year. She was in my major and we got along very well.

In May, us and another girl had decided to move in together. We wanted a 4th roomate so we searched all summer and our friend had found a girl who needed a place very bad; we were her only option.

So, that we did. And it was soon we discovered our friend was not exactly the best roomate. So, in less harsh words, we made her move out. It was a mutual decision and it was rough; but it was something that needed to happen. That was around winter break.

Now, in the meantime the girl we picked as our 4th roomate wasn't the best either, but we lived -- because she was doing a lot better than our friend. But now new things have been arising and I'm not so sure if I am willing to replace these two with two new roomates, people we wouldn't know that well....

So.... I'm going to announce it, with hopeful wishes that my roomate and I can become the Sheep Unit Herdsman for this next year! I have already talked with the current herdsman and the manager, so they know I want it, but they don't make any final deicsions until spring break or so. Wish me luck! It's a bittersweet job, but its something I'd rather have than what I have now! If that happens, I won't be going to Michigan State this fall... which makes me sad, but its something I could live with.

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