Sunday, February 21, 2010

Small Updates

Kristie has 5 Broken & 4 solid :) (Yes it takes me that long to get info from my parents!!)

Here are some shots of the sheep I shot at 3 am!!! I am running out of energy doing this, and I can't imagine doing it full time next year... but I am getting used to it. Tomorrow I have an exam at 7:30pm, and as soon as I get home, it's bedtime... up at 3 am again!!! The first is a little wether that was born on the 19th and the second are two club lamb wethers out of our Club Lamb Show project. They are about 2.5 weeks old and very nice looking! I can't wait to show them this summer! We still have lots of ewe's to lamb. One of our ewes made the state newspaper (link here: Drama at the OSU Sheep Center) because she lambed in front of a HUGE crowd in the day (which is rare for sheep, they like to do it at night). Thankfully, she lambed healthy twins!

Back to the rabbits.... and something I am very excited about.... I am getting a Fuzzy Holland Buck from Susie Cederlof (Wooly World Rabbitry: link). He will be coming on March 1st. When I go to bring Roxy home for spring break, I will breed her to him. He will then continue to reside up with me at my house @ school, since my parents are very dead set against a wool rabbit. I've always wanted one though!
That's all I have for now. School wise, it's Week 8. Two big exams and three big papers due this week.... *sighs!* But, I have my next term's schedule planned out and I should have a relatively easy(ier) term! YAY!

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