Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pure happiness :D

Work has been excellent :) I have been working 4 days with 3 days off up until next week where I will only get 2 days off until June. It's nice going to & leaving work happy, stress free and in a good mood. I learn something new every day and teach something new everyday and it's only a matter of time and opportunity to where I will be able to move up. It's nice to be able to accomplish things on my day off.

The weather has been great! So spring like and sunny :) The round pen is staying in good shape and I have been working Sierra several times a week. I hope to have her in good riding shape sometime next month. The lower pasture I worked on getting all invasive weeds out, a load of rabbit manure has been deposited per week and some seeding went out last week with some rain. I will add some more this week and hopefully it will be a great summer pasture to reduce feed cost.


Annihilator and Storm left end of last month to WA. I'm trying to place Cucumber and Mossberg quickly to open up holes. 7 are being culled today.

Michelle x Ruger Gold Label yielded 3 keepers:
Chestnut buck we are keeping and named Fieldmaster
Chestnut doe we are keeping and named Express
Black doe we are growing out and will keep as a brood doe or sell as a brood doe (shes nice, just dont need the 3rd!)

Cucumber x Zachary I narrowed down to 4. There are 2 chin does, a Chin buck and a Bkn Chin buck. Both does have pretty nice structure, the bkn reminds us a lot of Zachary and the Chin buck isnt too shabby either. They are still freshly weaned so we will keep an eye on them and narrow them down in a couple of weeks.

Michelle is left with 7, 5 are hers. A chestnut, bkn chestnut, bkn blue buck, bkn steel and an blue gt steel doe. The blue steel doe did get a bit of nest box eye and wont be showable, but I will give her a chance to see her body type as a brood doe. Michelle is also raising 2 of Annihilators, we discarded the bkn charlies, and kept the 2 Bkn Smoke Pearl Chins, one of which looks like will be a nice doe.

Rabbit show next month! I will be entering about 5 in the quad show, so thankfully the show is close and entry fee will be my only expense.

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Anonymous said...

Are you coming to the April 20th show with Rabbits BC? It says you are on the group- I am really hoping that is true!!