Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer time Bliss

Summer has always been a time to relax between work days and accomplish all of those projects you've been meaning to do during the school year. This summer is no different. The hay has been put up, work is the same as usual & the rabbit barn is staying cool. We've had a summer rain and very few days over 100*. On the rabbit front... weaned litters are doing well. I've had the chance to go through them:

*Rylee x Zeus: I sold 1 of the 4 bucks to a youth breeder. I will go through the remaining 5 sometime next month and decide who to keep & sell.

*Wintergreen x Hank: 6 of 6 solid bucks. 4 chestnuts & 2 chinchillas. The best one in the litter has a chewed ear. It's very minimal, but the other chin in the litter is very similar. So we kept 1.

*Isabella x Hank: 3 does, 2 bucks. They were weaned today, and we will go through them next month. From what I can gather, I like this litter and nothing was worthy of a first cull.

Wintergreen leaves today for CA. I will be selling the extra Silver Marten buck (now a senior), and the rest of WG's litter. That will open up 2 holes.
I brought in a 3 hole stack from out behind the barn. With 6 holes empty at school, that's 6 less I have here .... so have to improvise.

Rylee is due today, with 5 litters coming around the beginning of August. I won't be home for those litters so updates will be slow on them.

No shows until September. So until then it's just going through litters and deciding what will get to stay for the winter :)

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