Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A break in weather

These rains sure make doing chores a lot harder. Right now the ground isn't muddy, but that slippery texture where it makes everything you need to do a lot more difficult. So trays and rearranging cages will have to wait another day.

So today I am just catching up on rabbit records, doing pedigrees and cleaning my auto water system. My parts from KW finally arrived for the new cages and I am determined to get it back up in working order.

I guess if I have any regrets in the rabbit world, is buying this KW auto water system. If I could rewind time, I'd definately go with another company. KW tops all other equipment hands down, but there is much work to be done with their nivek watering system.

On a positive note, I sold 5 juniors yesterday. This leaves me with only a couple brood does for sale after the completion of their litters.

When I get back up to Corvallis on Sunday I will have lots of picture and website updates.

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