Friday, January 9, 2009

Small and Large

On the small side, Mia did kindle yesterday. They didn't live very long, so she'll recover and maybe make a couple shows this spring.

We did confirm Mozzerella is a Chocolate Frosted Pearl. We had suspicions of this for some due time, but I never e-mailed until yesterday to make sure. She is bred to Keepsake (Bkn Chocolate Chestnut), due Feb 2nd. With the colorful pedigrees behind these two, I cannot wait to see what colors I get :) I'm not going to emphasize work in chocolates, but I haven't had a lot of them around so I figured why not.

On the large side, today we worked with our steers, as a part of our Steer-a-Year project. We took pictures of them and ran them through the chute. We administered booster shots in their neck and implanted a growth hormone into the back of their ear. We also recorded new weights; most of them were within the 700-800+ lb range now. The Holstein bull calf had an excellent rate of gain; we also cut and trimmed his horns since he was getting very pushy with them. They are all on a "hot" ration, 80% concentrate (a specially formualted grain) and 20% roughage (hay). I was on the night feeding, I also feed tomorrow night and we have another meeting on Wednesday. I'm going to start partipating in the Purebred-Cattle Project, Angus and Shorthorns with a couple OSU ranches.

Hopefully I'll add some pictures soon!


Qadoshyah said...

You should get all chocolate colors with Mozzarella's litter, so that should be fun :).


Qadoshyah said...

I just explained the tickle the tail method on my blog :).