Sunday, January 18, 2009

a relaxing weekend :)

After two weeks of school, a weekend was well anticipated and deserved.

I fed steers Friday and Saturday nights. The 3 Black Angus bulls came in on Thursday and they are oh so beautiful! We'll assign feeding schedules for them (as well as the feedlot project steers) on Tuesday evening so I should be heading down to the cattle barns more often.

Saturday afternoon I held a 4-H showmanship workshop at the fairgrounds for my club. We have a lot of new kids, some that just got their rabbits so we went over the basics. About half of our kids showed up, so it was worth it :)

Talking rabbits, I registered a bunch this afternoon. Local breeder Jill and her friends Ken and Jeff & Terisa had some to do. I got to do a Checkered Giant and some Thriantas, and well lots of Dutch. I also helped cull and look over some juniors... and some neat colors Jill is working on. she's got a Lilac/Fawn Harlequin (which is named Lana :)) and she is also working on Steel, Chin, and Red Dutch :) I got my bunny fix :)

I also heard back from my parents that the babies are doing well, and I'm going to try and have them send some pics next weekend hopefully :)

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