Friday, November 9, 2007

Maintaining a website

This summer I had Sarah McCrea create a website layout for me. It was very neat to put it altogether on my new geocities site, I can't thank her enough. But what work did that entail? A lot.... And I had the easy part!

I have always wanted to get a "photo shoot" of all my bunnies. In other words, good photos that all have the same background. Preferably the animal would be in good condtion and the bunnies would be on their best behavior.

So that day was today. I spent a few hours out in the barn grooming, evaluating and snapping photos of all my Mini Lops. I then downloaded them on my computer. I cropped them. But, on my software I cannot resize them and I couldn't put them onto my website that big..... So I decided to upload them here onto blogger to get them a more desired size. I then had to save those re-sized pictures into another folder. Those pictures were in bitmap format, so then I had to go into AOL and change them all into jpeg. I was then ready to upload them onto my website. But while I am there changing photos, there is much more editing to be done to the website. I guess it will be my "big winter edit."

Websites need to be continually updated. There is something always happening in the barn, new animals, new litter arrivals or show updates! And a website is most breeder's publicity. Some can have a good word of mouth, but much of the world today is on the Internet. Good pictures are valuable to have, but are not the real rabbit. I don't really care for photographs that much because there is no way you can get your hands on that rabbit through the computer screen. I think it's just a good idea to have a generalized idea of what they look like.

On a different topic, the rabbits are doing well. I think I have come to an entry of 10 for Red Bluff. The catalog is soon to be out (most likely within the next week or so) which will be the turning point of our excitement. We missed the Pacific Coast show and we decided not to go to Albany. And, Red Bluff may be our last show for a while. With the way the weather is, St. Helens may be out of the picture. It's a good 5 hour drive plus (not to mention driving through Portland). All babies are doing well and the barn is clean. :)

*check the website for updates!*

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