Saturday, November 3, 2007

A day spent cleaning

Time flies when you are having fun! I knew yesterday I had to get the barn clean.... but I put it off until this morning. Coffee lit my fuse and I was out in the barn in no time. I cleaned the Satin's cages (just because they made SUCH a mess while kindling) and dumped most all of the trays. (think I have 3 left to do....) Swept the grounds and did kit head counts.

I think Klara's is actually an Orange, not a Fawn as I first assumed. The kit is SOOOO bright now! I could be wrong, but not really, because Fawn, Orange and Red are all the same color, it just matters how much modifiers/rufus genes it has to determine it from one another. The fawns and oranges are commonly mistaken for each other.

I decided to put a couple more animals up for sale. I just have to get my numbers down... and the task is harder than it seems at first. But 4-H is starting up, so maybe with some cages and equipment available I can move some guys out.

Meanwhile I will also be updating my website. I have to resize some of my pictures though in order to get them uploaded.... ghar...

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