Thursday, September 3, 2015

Cool weather, finally

Not going to make it to Crescent City this weekend unfortunately. After last year's fun adventures, I am super sad. But with the coldfront that came in, the rabbits are molting, and feeling a little funky so I really have nothing to show. Plus, it didn't land on my weekend off of work, so I am just going to roll with my current schedule and hit up our local show at the end of the month. Unfortunate for no fall "show season" but a good way to save $. Not only do I have to save up for Convention at the end of next month, but I also have to save up big for ML Nationals next spring, and convention next fall. It never ends.

10 breedings yielded about 16 keepers. I have an additional 4 in the cull pen, and an extra couple of does I'll grow out as breeders. If I show 10-15 at convention I will be lucky.

There are a good selection of rabbits in there, only a couple I really like. A lot of them are dilutes. I don't plan on purchasing any rabbits, but I am on one breeders reservation list just in case. I feel I am just going to breed these young ones this fall and focus on moving forward.

Work is going well. Can't wait for more fall weather & the holidays :)

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