Sunday, May 10, 2015

Spring still?

Sort of kind of spring. We have lots of hot days, intermixed with some cooler ones. Definitely doesn't help coats any, that's for sure.

I never posted PBRBA results. Basically of the 4 shows took BOB, 2 BOSB, a few class wins. Not much but definitely helped me re-evaluate.

Convention litter run-downs:

Seniors will bring up a litter from Pearl/Burnin It Down, Something in the Water/Ace & Yahtzi/Ace. 4, 5 and 4 are being grown out at the moment.

Sangria/Kingpin had a litter of 5 on 4/30. Xanadu/Burnin It Down had a litter of 7 on 4/29. Goin out like that/Burnin It Down had a litter of 8 on 5/2. Meatless Monday/Shotgun Rider had 7 on 5/9 and Nighshade/Burnin It Down had 5 today. At Heathers in Central Point, Ace sired a litter by Diva, LaBamba has a litter by Trucker & Reba & Goldie had litters by Burnin It Down as well. Lots of selections to make, that's for sure :) Left to kindle are: Kiley/Shelton, Pearl/Shelton & Something in the water/Homegrown.

We regrettably will be skipping Canby. I don't know anyone going, plus numbers will probably be small due to State. We will make State, Astoria and Ellensburg for sure though, limited numbers since everything is on a litter pretty much. Just will be focusing on culling & grow-outs.

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