Friday, February 13, 2015


Well. I thought winter was coming in my last post. It never came, honestly. Here we are mid February and are in the mid to high 60's. Crazy.

I moved some stock around. I sold Zachary, Borgais, Juliet, an AcexReba Jr doe, a ZacharyxPearl Jr Buck at St Helens. Just been culling through some juniors slowly.

Got a baby from SIW and LS, two from a Cal and three from another Cal. Not good, but atleast there are some live babies in there.

Reba & Ace's litter turned out amazing. I kept a buck, and two does. I accidentally sold the one doe I wanted to keep. Oops

Juliet's litter remains 4, 2 bucks & 2 does.

Keeping a Lilac Buck & Lynx doe from Something Bad.

Next show probably wont be until Pear Blossom. Taking it easy for now.

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