Sunday, June 2, 2013

Summer lull

Summer is here. We made it to 1 spring show and now we have nothing until September. So basically the rabbits just "sit" during the summer.

Have 2 litters on the ground. Sweet Potato has 4 by Zachary, 2 REWs a Chinchilla and a Bkn Chinchilla. Cherry Bomb has 6 from Fieldmaster, 2 are Smoke Pearl Chin & Steel & the rest are Bkn Chestnut.

Michelle & Avacado are bred to Fieldmaster and due in a week or so.

That's all really that's new. Just still working a lot and my spare time is spent gardening or doing necessary chores. Hard to believe just a year ago I was still slaving hard away in school. How the time flies!

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