Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rough times

The Silver Martens left. The 4 does, Jack Daniels and 3 Junior Blues. All that is left are Pendleton & her daughter (sold) and Bacardi, who is for sale for WCC! My aunt kept the runt Black from Sin and Atlas. So we'll still have one around.

Baby status: We're going through them next weekend. Don't expect to keep much.

Selling some cages, so I can "officially" downsize. If I don't have the open holes, I don't breed and therefore can't increase my numbers.

Right now I think we're sitting on 17 with about 5 sold and 2 pets. :/

School is rough. Calving season is almost over with. 6 to go! and then life returns to a much happier state with more sleep! :)

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