Saturday, January 21, 2012

Week 2 Disaster

Friday - Monday we got heavy snow. We're on the valley floor so this concept was alarming to the city. We didn't have school on Monday due to MLK, but Tuesday & Wednesday classes before 10am and after 5pm were cancelled. Wednesday it started raining and Thursday was simply wet, cold & very miserable. By Thursday afternoon many of our large rivers had flooded, closing many streets, evacuating many houses, and causing a lot of damage. School was cancelled on Friday.

Our basement flooded. We had ServPro come out and so far none is receeding back in, thankfully. It has continued to rain all of Friday and today, and tomorrow calls for heavy rains & wind as well. We still have power here on the west side of town.

Despite the crazy weather, Tuesday I have to make it out to the ranch to pick up about 30 heifers & cows for the calving season. They are set to start calving on Feb 1st, so we need them here on campus no later than Wed. A lack of sleep is in store for the next 4-6 weeks.

Not too many shows this year. Didn't get to CDA, won't make it to St. Helens. The first show I'll probably exhibit at might be Pear Blossom, as I doubt I can bring any other than sold animals to La Grande. Will be a light spring with my main focus on school and the activities here.

Other than that, I have no rabbits up here in Corvallis, thankfully. I do have a few does due here soon, I forget the dates but they should already have their boxes. I bred Gouda to Zoolander, Guido to Sergio, Nell to Hank, and I colony bred 2 or 3 Silver Martens, so I'm unsure of the results there. At any rate, I hope to have 3 nice Mini Lop litters though!! *crossing fingers*

So hopefully some baby updates in the next few days. :)

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