Saturday, November 19, 2011

In for the long run!


Research started on November 11th, we're now at 23 calves, with a few more coming after the holiday. All has been well and just starting to work on my thesis. (what I can write for now).

Been doing the grad school search... so far there are 3 schools still in the running, with Michigan State, Kansas State & New Mexico State. Personal statement is being re-written & resume being edited.... then once I have that complete, I can get my Forms & Letters of Recommendation! yikes! I then have to send in Applications & GRE scores...

All seems like so much work, but I know by March or April I will be happy that this has been worth it. I'm currently in contact with NMSU that has a pretty good sounding project available!

Applied Reproduction is going well. AI'ing session was stressful (for many reasons, not related to school), but now that we're in Embryo Collection & Transfer, things have gone very well!

I have a midterm on Monday (I know, week NINE!), and two days of school. Then a break for a few days to pull it out for Dead & Finals week!

Wednesday when I get off work, I'll head north to pick up my carriers. And then leave and head all the way home (weather permitting) to spend the holiday with my family!!

I missed the Enumclaw show, and will be out of town for Monroe. I doubt I'll be able to head to Red Bluff, since getting additional hours at work is more important... I picked up 3 shifts today, so very excited about that :)

Not really sure where the rabbits sit at this point :/ I will definitely be letting go of some senior stock, just need to go through what I have and see what I can live without! I will be doing some breedings to keep these does active & working, probably just the Silver Martens for now. Though a ML might make the list.

We'll see. I'll know more on the 27th :)

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Ellyn said...

Go Girl! "Cow College" --Mich State -- all the way. Actually I'm a bred U of M fan so MSU is my natural rival, but it would be cool to have you here in Michigan. :)

Hope things work out great.