Friday, April 8, 2011

2 weeks down!

2 weeks of school down & I am already so drained. But in 8 weeks I will be able to "somewhat" relax, meaning I will be out of school, but still studying for AQ and my GRE test.

Yakima, WA show is tomorrow, as is Mini Lop Nationals. Too bad I couldn't go this year, but next year for sure. I want to wish Nicole & Lisa good luck, as well as to other regions and breeders as well. :)

Next weekend is Reno. I can't personally be there this year, and not sending any rabbits to show. So highlights from last year's BIS simply lurk in my mind, but I wish all my good friends good luck! I am sending 6 pre-sold. 2 Mini Lop does to Michelle Wojick of Wisconsin, 2 Mini Lop juniors to Roxanne Shumate of CA, a Rylee daughter to Karen of Arizona and a Silver Marten buck going to a breeder/judge down in CA.

In two weeks I will pick up the 2 Mini Lop does being transported to Ohio, to their ideal end location being South Carolina to go live with Deb Dolph. I am VERY sad to let Brianna go, but I feel as if I have many good replacements out of her. Her daughter Tomato is a spitting image, if not looking better :) I will also bring up 4 show rabbits, likely 1 Mini Lop & 3 of my Silver
Martens to show in May.

The barn clean last weekend was entirely stressful and painful after 4-H judging on friday night and finishing my last show for my judges license on Saturday ... but I got it done. Above are pictured the 9 new holes from KW cages. I also purchased new feeders (since my other feeders were misc. sizes and brands). I now am using 24 holes at home, with 6 at school, to make it an even 30 working holes. Hope to plan to move some rabbits out in the mean-time to open up a few holes since I do have 4 litters upcoming:

Rylee x Zeus
Nemo x Zeus
Wall E x Zeus
Isabella x Hank

No marten breedings until July or so. I just don't have the space, nor the feed to be pouring into those juniors. They eat a lot! And keeping 6 will be a chore, so I will likely end up selling a junior doe later on.

And just to re-emphasize, I worked the last show for my judges license on the 2nd. Now just the long wait to hear back from ARBA.

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