Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm still alive :)

Beef Bowl - Friday afternoon I showed up to our Meat Lab and we cut the fat off of 400 lbs of Ball Tip and seasoned it for Saturday. Saturday at noon we stumbled down to the East Kitchen to grill (partially) and cut up and cook the meat to hand out at the OSU x ASU football game. That took a good 4 hours, and by the time we were done we were driving over to Reser Stadium to set up. We then started around 4:30. I served and it was fun!

Sunday was a declared math day... devoted to getting math done. Hung out with friends afterwards.

Monday was strictly classes. Tuesday was Steer A Year (which I love being a part of!) and I went to the Pre-vet meeting for kicks... I'm not a pre-vet option but I just wanted to see what it was like and it was just down the hall.
Today has been classes (five of them) and my FIRST 4-H meeting as a primary leader! WEEE! I am proud to report that it turned out excellent... we had 8 kids show up -- wonderful! There will be more as we go on I'm sure.

Oh and I voted, since im 19 now... ... yes I did :) It feels good when the result turns out to be what you want it to be.
November 6th - 8th I attended the Oregon Cattlemen's Quarterly in Redmond, Oregon. I attended sessions, met a lot of great people, helped out with the Steer A Year presentation and assisted in setting up and taking down. We visted Ankony Ranch out in Terrebone and saw some awesome Angus cattle! About 20 of us from Young Cattlemen's attended, it was a great trip!
Yesterday we had another Steer A Year meeting and tonight was Young Cattlemen's Association. In SAY we talked about feed bids and what we are going to start the calves on, how much % concentrates and hay. Friday we are doing some learning and possibly might clean stalls as the first calves come Wednesday! Our meeting on Tuesday will be down in the SAY barn. In YCA we talked about NCBA (this year it is in Arizona!) and also Spring Industry Tour... Canada and Idaho were mentioned.
I just found out that we are getting atleast 8 more 4-H kids in our club, 6 are transferring over from another club (which is not going on this year), two I recruited tonight and there will probably be more additions as well. Our second meeting is the night I get back from Georgia! I have also been asked to judge a 4-H show in January, I'm pretty stoked! I think it will be a good way to gain experience! The Lane County 4-H show is this weekend but I'm afraid I just have too many things going on to go for kicks! Next weekend though, Albany -- Fall Warren!

I had one midterm this week and a couple more next week. I'll be tattooing the 4-H kids rabbits soon and I'm putting together a powerpoint for them. On top of selecting courses for next term, studying for finals in a couple weeks and all of my other extracurricular activities.... but....

Life goes on.... :)
***I will mention I still have some NICE upcoming juniors for sale -- I'll make final cuts and post pictures/prices/info around mid-December, so just giving a heads up.... (there's your rabbit related news....!)***

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