Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Starting out new

For a while now I have been posting news on my website and often I find it takes up a lot of writing space, and sometimes I just have too much to say! So I decided to start a blog for my website, about my rabbits, shows and life in general.

Whats up? That is a good question. The weather here in Grants Pass is pretty nasty. We have well over a foot of snow. I am studying like crazy for my registars test. If all goes well I should be taking it the end of March. I am extremly nervous!

The rabbits have been doing well. I finally got some litters on the ground. Jessica kindled to 5 on Feb 14th. There is 1 black, 2 copper, 1 bkn copper and 1 bkn blue. Brittney kindled to 3 on Feb 14th. There are 2 bkn copper and 1 bkn black. Both litters are sired by Porky. It was a surprise to see Porky caries dilute! It is way back there hiding in a white :) The babies have now opened their eyes and have started to explore! Gigi, our homebred RGC kindled to 4 kits on Feb 19th. They are sired by our best buck ReCurring Vision. There is 1 bkn chestnut, 2 chesnut and 1 blue chinchilla. Gigi is a wonderful first time mom!
Kaluah is due to Hollywood, our homebred RGC buck tomorrow. She is fat and full of babies! Cloey is due March 18th to Hollywood. Jenie (RGC black, 7 legs) and Northern Lights are due to Lil' Hollister on March 19th.

Honey's litter is getting big. We especially like the buck, another chestnut :) Milly's two gals are still hot as ever. Look for "Habanero" and "Peppercini" on the showtables!

Speaking of shows.... Our first show is March 17th in Corvallis. Emerald Empire RBA. Double Open/Youth + specs. We will be entering some good rabbits. There are good judges hired and we are just so excited to get the 2007 show season started!

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