Thursday, June 2, 2016

Spring is gone

Canby went well. I won BOSB/BOB in the 2nd show, and a few class wins in A. I had a great time. At Oregon State Convention my main focus was helping Linda with royalty, but I did win BOSB and a class win in the 3 shows overall.

I came home and bred LMKIA2 (blue chin doe) to Kinpin (bkn blue chin buck) & Mikah (bkn smoke pearl doe) to Shelton (opal buck) for some July litters. Kayla has been re-bred. NBD was "bred" for the 5th time, maybe one of these days will work out.

Have a few does I would like to sell for Washington State Convention. I am not attending, but some local breeders are going and offering transport.

But thats it.... spring is over! I am judging a few county fairs this summer ... and will be involved with a few local fairs. All about them kids, right?

Thursday, May 12, 2016

6 months?

Where have 6 months gone? I mean I KNOW I have been busy... but still.

Convention was excellent. A long two weeks of hard work, sweat, tears.... My rabbits did well, the best I fared was a 5th place, but I had a lot of solid placements and good comments. I also manged to sell quite a bit as well.

Red Bluff -- I sent stock down with Heather and Andrea. NBD was BOB in 2 of the shows.

Judged Gridley with Ted. I showed Rock Steady and he was 2nd, still maturing.

St Helens. I drove up and just exhibited. I won the 3rd show with Rock Steady.

Astoria - I judged... I don't even think I exhibited? haha.

Pear Blossom - I just entered. I won both shows with Rock Steady and BOSB in B with Mikah.

Reno/WCC/Mini Lop Nationals. I did well. Had 3 3r'ds in the National. I also won BOB in C with Rock Steady and several other nice placements. I judged on Sunday.

Right now I'm getting ready for Canby and Oregon State. Those will be the only shows until September. So a nice break of just feeding and growing out rabbits. I guess. We'll see how it goes.

Pretty much all I do is work. I got my garden started last weekend, thanks to Michael.... so kind of excited about that.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hello Fall?

RVRF is a wrap. Judging was actually relaxing, I showed 10 Mini Lops (well my friends did). They did pretty well, I ended up with some variety wins, 2 BOSB & a BOB. I even managed to lose a rabbit overnight, my people who showed my rabbits left a carrier open and she hopped on out. Luckily, she was found though. It has been a whirlwind of events since then, I have just two days off before convention.

Convention. That's right. I ended up entering 15. 3 SSB's, 1 SJB, 6 SSD, 2 SJD, 1 BSB, 1 BSD, 1 BJD. I only feel confident about a few of them, but I figured it was a safe number to show. :)

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Cool weather, finally

Not going to make it to Crescent City this weekend unfortunately. After last year's fun adventures, I am super sad. But with the coldfront that came in, the rabbits are molting, and feeling a little funky so I really have nothing to show. Plus, it didn't land on my weekend off of work, so I am just going to roll with my current schedule and hit up our local show at the end of the month. Unfortunate for no fall "show season" but a good way to save $. Not only do I have to save up for Convention at the end of next month, but I also have to save up big for ML Nationals next spring, and convention next fall. It never ends.

10 breedings yielded about 16 keepers. I have an additional 4 in the cull pen, and an extra couple of does I'll grow out as breeders. If I show 10-15 at convention I will be lucky.

There are a good selection of rabbits in there, only a couple I really like. A lot of them are dilutes. I don't plan on purchasing any rabbits, but I am on one breeders reservation list just in case. I feel I am just going to breed these young ones this fall and focus on moving forward.

Work is going well. Can't wait for more fall weather & the holidays :)

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hot hot!

OR State was long. But it was well worth it. Royalty went well, King won BOV & Shelton won 1st in his class. Upon returning home from OR State, the next day at work, they asked me a loaded question to transfer to another one of our work locations, so now I commute an hour a day to the big city for work. Sooo.... I personally couldn't make it to Astoria, so bunny partner Heather took up Lynx & Kingpin. Kingpin won 1st in his class. Lynx was bred to a chocolate carrier buck from Lisa.

Just got back from WA State. Talk about a lonnnnng trip. But again well worth it. I didn't show anything, I took Nightshade back up to Lisa, traded Sara a cal doe for one of her chocolate does that should work well in my program. I transported for others in order to pay for my gas. I also had Monday & Tuesday off of this week, so I culled 5 animals from the program today. I will finish the rest up this holiday weekend.

Next weekend is Sandpoint. I am just judging. Hopefully it will be fun :) Long trip.

Big break between next shows. Not sure if I will ask for Crescent City off again this year, but we'll see.

Litters are growing. Lotttts of babies. Lots of potential.

Hoooooot weather. But buns are faring well.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Spring still?

Sort of kind of spring. We have lots of hot days, intermixed with some cooler ones. Definitely doesn't help coats any, that's for sure.

I never posted PBRBA results. Basically of the 4 shows took BOB, 2 BOSB, a few class wins. Not much but definitely helped me re-evaluate.

Convention litter run-downs:

Seniors will bring up a litter from Pearl/Burnin It Down, Something in the Water/Ace & Yahtzi/Ace. 4, 5 and 4 are being grown out at the moment.

Sangria/Kingpin had a litter of 5 on 4/30. Xanadu/Burnin It Down had a litter of 7 on 4/29. Goin out like that/Burnin It Down had a litter of 8 on 5/2. Meatless Monday/Shotgun Rider had 7 on 5/9 and Nighshade/Burnin It Down had 5 today. At Heathers in Central Point, Ace sired a litter by Diva, LaBamba has a litter by Trucker & Reba & Goldie had litters by Burnin It Down as well. Lots of selections to make, that's for sure :) Left to kindle are: Kiley/Shelton, Pearl/Shelton & Something in the water/Homegrown.

We regrettably will be skipping Canby. I don't know anyone going, plus numbers will probably be small due to State. We will make State, Astoria and Ellensburg for sure though, limited numbers since everything is on a litter pretty much. Just will be focusing on culling & grow-outs.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Here we go :)

It's officially spring. We're headed to our 3rd rabbit show of the year this weekend. I have a feeling this year is just going to fly by, so here goes it!

Pear Blossom RBA changed venues a few years ago. It was my first rabbit show (attending) so many years ago, when youth were huge and my cousin and I ran around like many children do today. I did do showmanship, I used my harlequin Dutch doe "Annie". I received a red -- I knew nothing about rabbits. WOW. What an adventure it has been.

This weekend I excused myself from judging. It's the 2nd time in my short career, but last week I amputated my thumb! Guess I have a sorry excuse. Thanks to some good friends, my EIGHT Mini Lops are being shown in 4 shows over the weekend. Other than spring nationals or convention, it is the largest local open entry I've ever put forth. Go big or go home right?

They're all solids, I entered Shelton (RebaAce), but I also entered Ace incase the competition is steep. I entered three junior bucks. A Lilac from Something Bad & Last Stand, & 2 chestnut brothers from Juliet and Ace. Honestly, it will be up to judges to sort these three out, they're all good. I purchased a SSD from Taelor Burt. I have to cull one of my biggest quality does (she had a bad issue with her last litter) so I felt I needed something to really replace her footsteps in my barn. I haven't purchased a ML in a while, so this will be a good test on how well I can purchase should I choose to do so this fall. I've admired Taelors rabbits for a while, the quality & effort she's put into her herd since a youth, so I figured why not. I entered her as well, it will be her last show before I breed her. I also entered two junior does, I had 3 but decided to cut one to swap in Ace. A lynx jr doe and a black jr doe.

I forgot to post results from my last show: I didn't personally attend, Nancy Russel took my entry down to Loleta & showed for me. Ace was BOSB Friday night, lynx jr doe won BOSV in one of the 3 shows, and Shelton won BOSB & BOB on Saturday.

After this weekend, all does will be preparing to be bred for Portland juniors. I have 2 RebaxAce does, the bigger JulietxAce doe, the new doe from Taelor & if Yahtzi didn't take I'll have her as well. I will also probably re-breed straight back SIW & Pearl. So if I go to any shows before state (like WCC or Canby or Rose City) I will probably be showing mostly bucks. Glad I have some good ones in there :)

Friday, February 13, 2015


Well. I thought winter was coming in my last post. It never came, honestly. Here we are mid February and are in the mid to high 60's. Crazy.

I moved some stock around. I sold Zachary, Borgais, Juliet, an AcexReba Jr doe, a ZacharyxPearl Jr Buck at St Helens. Just been culling through some juniors slowly.

Got a baby from SIW and LS, two from a Cal and three from another Cal. Not good, but atleast there are some live babies in there.

Reba & Ace's litter turned out amazing. I kept a buck, and two does. I accidentally sold the one doe I wanted to keep. Oops

Juliet's litter remains 4, 2 bucks & 2 does.

Keeping a Lilac Buck & Lynx doe from Something Bad.

Next show probably wont be until Pear Blossom. Taking it easy for now.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Winter is coming

Just got through our first fall storm. A LOT of rain, and a considerable amount of wind for our area.

Everything in the barn is bred or on a litter except for Kallie and a doe we just picked up.

Something Bad weaned her litter and we sent her down to Red Bluff to sell. Reba weaned her litter and we're going to keep her with a nearby friend.

Pearl had a litter of 5 by Zachary
Juliet had a litter of 6 or 7 to Ace
Borgais had a litter of 4 to Burnin It Down

Cal does are due around Christmas and Something in the Water is bred to Last Stand, Perfect Storm is bred to Burnin It Down

Lots of litters coming for next year. Excited for the crosses!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Fall is here :)

RVRF. Took BOB & BOS in both shows. Ace and Pearl were the winners

Albany, Took BOB & BOS in A. BOSB in B and BOV. Winners were Ace and Something in the Water

Sold one of the original bucks and 2 jr does to a local couple wanting to start their own meat operation. Processed the fryers. On average everyone was over 5.5 lbs and dressing ratio was 60%, Limited fat, everything looked good on the inside. A little over 30lbs in backs & legs, The other half was rib cages/shoulder meat which will go for enchiladas and the rest was organs for my dog.

Somethin Bad & Reba have kindled thus far. Meat pen does are both bred back. I need to re-breed Perfect Storm (DOA), Juliet (miss), and of course Kallie and Pearl. Hoping to get that accomplished this week....

Next show is Eugene :)